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Erica Levy

Erica Levy

Erica Levy Grad IPM, Cert Ed, MA (Reading) FCIPD

Erica is a freelance HR training consultant with her own business. She has worked for a number of high profile organisations, such as the CIPD, University of London, NHS, Royal College of Physicians, and Swansea University. Erica continues to be an External Quality Adviser for the CIPD a role she has held over 20 years.

Erica teaches on CIPD Level 5 HR modules and also the Advanced Level programme and has taught in Bulgaria for Acacia.

The most exciting challenge to date was working with the HR team of a Bulgarian Wine producer in Plovdiv!

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“Really enjoyed the way Erica presented the module, she was very clear in what we needed to know and do in our assignment. Overall, the two day was very enjoyable and I felt I left the module fully prepared.”

Jonathan Muller
CIPD Level 5

CIPD Level 5 HR Modules

5CHR – Business issues and the contexts of HR

All HR professionals need an awareness of the wider contemporary business context and its impact on employees and HR. This proves a very interesting module with diverse subject matter which includes application of theoretical models and access to multimedia content to bring the topics to life.

5RST – Resource and talent planning

I enjoy teaching this module as although there are a number of assignment questions, the content is so relevant to HR professionals successfully navigating complex issues. These include understanding the wider labour market and context. An introduction to career development, resourcing and succession planning as well as an understanding of the legal context in managing topical issues such as dismissal and redundancy.

5ICM – Implementing Coaching and Mentoring

Probably my favourite module, as a trained CIPD “Member to Member Mentor” I am able to share current practice on mentoring skills.

Coaching is also part of this module and a skills set that I have honed over many years in my various management and consultancy roles. Therefore, I am in a position to share techniques and theoretical models with HR professionals.

CIPD Advanced Level 7

7LMP – Leading, Managing and Developing People

HR professionals require an understanding and insight into a complex fast-moving area which is influenced by the wider economic and social environment. This module is nationally examined by CIPD. By studying with Acacia and networking with your colleagues in class, a vast amount of information is acquired and theory is put successfully into practice equipping you to carry out your HR roles.

“Erica was well prepared and brought life to the assignment. There was a good level of slide presentation and learning interaction. Erica provided useful extra reading documentation which was useful as sometimes these are not readily accessible.”

Priyanka Patel
CIPD Level 7

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