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Michelle Maunder

Michelle Maunder


Michelle is employed by TI Media as a Development Manager providing business enhancement strategies, systems development and training. In addition, she is the Chair of the TI Media Staff Council, where human resource management and development forms an integral part of her role. As a Learning and Development specialist, Michelle also runs her own training business through which she undertakes freelance work as a tutor for various establishments and learning organisations.

Michelle joined our tutor team in 2001, with a keen focus on teaching CIPD Level 5 HR modules, but she also enjoys delivering CIPD Level 3 and L&D focused modules. She says;

“I really enjoy my classroom learning sessions with HR professionals at any level as they are always responsive and interested in learning, especially from each other when they do group activities and use their own organisations as case study examples.  This is something that I also like to be able to contribute to, as I am able to bring relevant and up to date real life examples from my own organisation to highlight the theory that is being learnt in practice in a practical work environment."

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"Incontestably the most engaged and knowledgeable tutor. She provides real life examples, illustrates, pushes participation, supports and encourages each student! She also provides guidance and lots of documentation to guide researches and personal work. One word: wow! "

Nesrine Boudinar
Acacia student

The CIPD Intermediate Level 5 subjects that I am most passionate about include;

5UIN – Using information in HR

This an excellent module because as HR professionals we must be able to use data and information to back up our business case proposals.  I most enjoy this module as creating business case proposals backed up by quality critical research is something that I undertake regularly within my Staff Council Chair role.

5DVP – Developing Professional Practice

One of the most important modules for any HR professional, as continuous professional and person development is essential in terms of keeping ourselves working to our maximum potential.  I revel in this module as I fully believe in the adage ‘you learn something new every day’ especially if you remain open to learning at all times.

5ICM – Implementing Coaching & Mentoring and 5ENG – Employee Engagement

Both of these modules massively resonate with my L&D experience. However I also appreciate the way that these two modules enable HR professionals to support their organisations in achieving their maximum potential and sustainability by focusing on key factors to engender engagement and development within organisations.

Something that you may not know about Michelle is that she plays the flute and is also qualified to teach music to Grade 6.

Read Michelle’s advice on time management.

"Michelle has been my tutor for the majority of my modules and she has been incredibly helpful throughout. Her methods of presentation and teaching have helped me throughout and her support never stops, from start right up to submitting, and sometimes after just for a discussion, even while she has been on holiday. Michelle has supported me and given me the confidence in everything I do, both with the studies and as a person. I could not have asked for a better tutor, and would not have been able to pass (so far) or get as far as I have without her."

Jamie Charles
Acacia student

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