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Sucess Story: Hadaf Halata | CIPD Level 3

''I highly recommend Acacia Learning to anyone seeking to improve themselves in the field of HR. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow in your career. Acacia Learning provides valuable support and resources that can help individuals enhance their HR capabilities and achieve their professional goals.''

Multi-Generational Workforce: Implications for HR

This blog outlines four key HR strategies to bridge the generational gap: understanding varied employee circumstances, fostering an inclusive environment, recognizing diverse efforts, and implementing mentorship programs. By valuing respect, equality, and inclusivity, companies can enhance workplace culture, boost employee engagement, and drive long-term growth.

What's the Difference Between Mental Health & Mental Illness?

Discover the nuances between mental health and mental illness in our blog. Gain insights into their definitions, differences, and how they intersect. Learn how prioritising mental well-being can cultivate a healthier workplace and personal resilience.

Women at Work in the Middle East: How HR Can Help

Female professionals in the Middle East have made great strides over the years policy changes encouraging them to step into employment, however there is still a lot that can be done from HR departments to support them.

A Guide to Recruiting the Best Candidates for Your Organisation

Recruiting top talent is essential for success. Effective strategies include strong branding, clear job descriptions, employee referrals, professional development, and consistent communication. Elevate your recruitment game with a CIPD course today.

How To Study Effectively for CIPD Qualifications: Level 3, 5 & 7

This blog offers study tips for mastering CIPD exams, focusing on time management, creating conducive study environments, utilizing CIPD membership benefits, accessing additional resources, and seeking collaboration with peers.

The 7 Best HR Books & Podcasts in the Middle East

Staying updated on HR trends is crucial for HR professionals to implement innovative strategies for talent acquisition, retention, and development, as well as overcome emerging challenges. Investing time in top HR books, like "How to Hack Your Mind" and "The Culture Map," and podcasts, such as "HR Talks" and "Business Extra," provides valuable insights and knowledge for career advancement in the rapidly evolving HR industry.

Middle East HR Networking Events You Should Attend This Year

The most efficient way to stay updated and connected to the industry, HR professionals need to perfect their networking game. In 2024, there are several conferences and summits you should attend and here’s what you should look out for.

6 HR Mistakes to Avoid This Year

Discover the key HR pitfalls to sidestep in 2024, from fostering diversity to embracing modern recruitment. Learn how to avoid word-of-mouth marketing missteps, prioritize transparent communication, focus on succession planning, and champion continuous training.

Mental Health in the Modern Workplace

Mental health at work was once shrouded in silence. It's now treated with respect. We explore mental wellbeing at work and why you should be aware of it, in this blog.