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CMI Level 5 Diploma Course Details

The CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership is the ideal qualification to take if you want to build on your current skill set and develop new ones to respond to the modern workplace. 

Designed for practicing managers, the CMI Level 5 Diploma is a longer qualification than the Level 5 Certificate and is more comprehensive. It will allow you to master the complex leadership skills you need to get the best out of your team in the modern workplace. 

The course covers a variety of topics, from how to manage individual and team performance and how to use data to make informed decisions through to championing equality and diversity and mentoring your team for success.  

After achieving the CMI Level 5 Diploma, you will be eligible for Chartered Manager status once you gain 3+ years' of practical experience. 

This course is ideal for current or aspiring mid-level managers looking to excel in their career.

For the CMI Level 5 Diploma course there are no formal entry requirements that need to be satisfied in order for you to enrol, although you must be at least 18.

If English is your second language, we recommend that you have achieved an IELTS 6 or equivalent. However, this is not mandatory and we are happy to review your case on an individual basis. 

Before you enrol, our course advisors will talk you through your goals, experience and motivations to make sure this is the right course for you. 

You will be expected to complete a written assignment, between 3,000 to 4,000 words, at the end of each module that you study, allowing you to demonstrate your newly acquired knowledge and skills, which you have mastered during the modules.

Your assignments will then be be submitted online and marked by your personal CMI tutor. 

Once you have successfully passed all your assignments, you will then be awarded your new CMI qualification, while also enabling you to progress to the next level and begin your Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership

Career Options

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  • 23,000 AED

    Team Leader Average Pay per month**

  • 51,000 AED

    Team Leader Top Pay per month**

CMI Level 5 Diploma Modules

You will choose the modules that you want to study from the list below.

This unit will help you understand the impact of external influences and explore how the digital and commercial environment shapes businesses and the culture within which they operate. You will also analyse the importance of people’s behaviour on organisational culture and its ability to manage change effectively.

You will:

  • Develop an understanding of the key external influences that impact on businesses and the context within which they operate, including discussing how and why organisations sets goals.
  • Define workplace culture and how people’s behaviour shapes it.
  • Explain how organisations are whole systems and how your actions affect others.
  • Discuss how people learn, adapt and develop in different ways.
  • Explain how people professionals impact people in different ways and the importance of how focused project planning directs change in manageable ways.

Knowing how to lead teams and individuals to success is one of the most integral skills that leaders and managers need to possess. This unit explores the essential skills, attributes and approaches you can use to help you do this confidently.

You will:

  • Evaluate the theory behind developing, managing and leading teams
  • Explore practical approaches for effective team management and leadership
  • Analyse strategies for managing team leaders
  • Develop approaches to deal with the challenges of managing and leading multiple teams

Managing the performance of individuals and teams is essential to the success of an organisation. In this unit, you will examine the reasons why performance management calls for a dedicated strategy and the different approaches that you can use. 

You will:

  • Explore methods of rewarding performance
  • Examine ways to manage under performance in a professional and supportive manner
  • Look at how performance management can affect individual and organisational achievement when used correctly

Effective management of equality and diversity not only benefits staff and stakeholders, but can also positively impact an organisation’s achievement.

In this unit, you will analyse the requirements for managing, monitoring, and reporting on equality, diversity, and inclusion in your organisation. 

In this unit, you will look at the proven coaching and mentoring techniques used to enhance the skills, knowledge, talents, and potential of unique individuals as part of an organisational learning and development strategy.

Effective project management is an essential competency for all managers.

This unit centers on providing individuals with the fundamental knowledge and expertise necessary to adeptly handle projects, overcome obstacles, and face day-to-day challenges.

One of the only certainties of life and business is change. If an organisation wants to maintain competitiveness and relevance, adapting to change is essential. In this unit, you will look at strategies that you can use in your management practice to adapt to change in an organisation.

You will:

  • Evaluate types of change and the reasons that change might happen in an organisation
  • Explore different approaches to change management and theoretical management models for how to deal with change. 

This unit will explore the various approaches to management and leadership and how they can lead to dynamic results when done effectively.

You will review the varying results, including innovation, product development, performance improvement, change, customer service excellence, strategy and problem-solving.

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CMI Level 5 Diploma FAQs

Since 2007, Acacia Learning has been a premium education provider dedicated to personal and professional career development, with convenient and flexible learning options.

We help people elevate their careers and increase their earning potential with our internationally recognised professional qualifications, offering world-class content by leading practitioners. 

At Acacia Learning we provide CMI qualifications at Level 5 and Level 7.

CMI Level 5 qualifications are ideal for professionals who are in the early or intermediate stages of a mid-level management career and who are looking to develop the expertise and skills that they will need to progress their careers to more senior positions. 

The CMI Level 5 Diploma is a more comprehensive qualification as it explores nine modules in detail. The course is designed to help you develop and enhance the specialist, yet broad, range of management skills and techniques you will need in senior leadership positions. It is also a pathway to Chartered Manager status. 

The CMI Level 7 Diploma is one of the highest level qualifications that you'll be able to study with CMI when it comes to management and leadership. It is a detailed course that explores the strategic skills, expertise and techniques that you will need to lead businesses effectively and encourage your team to succeed.

Once you have completed this course, along with having gained the required experience, you will be eligible to apply for Chartered Manager status: a prestigious industry title. 

You will be able to start your course as soon as you have enrolled on your CMI course. Your account will be set up immediately and you will be able to start your studies within an hour. 

There are set start and end dates and course programme calendars as well as specific hand-in dates for assignment submissions.

Once you start your course you will be given access to the learning platform, "mystudyspace", which contains a wealth of carefully-crafted learning resources to help you enhance your knowledge and build your skills. 

In addition to this, your tutor will be available throughout the study process to answer any questions you may have, provide feedback on coursework and offer any guidance you might need. You will also be able to contact our experienced Student Support team, who will be on hand to support your studies.  

Yes, you need to be a current CMI member for the duration of your CMI study. 

We cannot submit your assignments for moderation, provide assignment grades or award your with your final qualification unless you are a current member of the CMI. 

Once you enrol, we will provide details about how to join CMI. CMI membership is free for learners for the duration of their studies. 

If you are intending to fund the full cost of your course yourself, we can offer a range of flexible payment plans, letting you spread the cost of payment across several months. You can also pay for the qualification in full when you enrol on the qualification. 

If your employer is funding all or part of your course costs, we can directly invoice them, saving time and energy on your end. 

Please be aware that a CMI membership must be held to study any CMI courses or qualifications.

If you are interested in enrolling on the course with us, get in contact with our dedicated CMI Advisors.

They will have a short conversation with you where they will talk through your professional ambitions, your current experience and your education to make sure that you are choosing the right course for your needs.

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