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COVID-19: Time for a Career Change?

Discover why you should consider a career in Human Resources or Learning and Development. Plus read how 4 CIPD students made the move into HR and how studying for a CIPD qualification helped! 

Case Study: How to Change Career from Retail to Human Resources

Learn more about Natalie's career change from Retail Manager to HR professional. 

Organisational Design in the New Normal

Below our panel discusses Organisational Design and Development in a post-pandemic world. 

Join Us: Mark Robertson Student Awards 2020

Join us to celebrate live online: Mark Robertson Student of the Year Awards 2020!

CIPD Assignment Advice: Conducting Research, Preparation and Referencing

Acacia Tutor, Tristan Callaghan, shares his expert advice on conducting research, assignment preparation and referencing.

Covid-19 And Its Impact on HR and Learning & Development | Podcast

Acacia Learning Podcasts: Listen to industry experts discuss topical HR and L&D issues, advice and trends.

How to Ace Your Video Interview During Lockdown

We cover just what you need to make your next video interview is your winning ticket to your next job role. 

Leadership Council Podcast

In June 2020, Julie Cook appeared on a Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland podcast, discussing the importance of leadership and the impact it has had on her career to date.

Virtually Everything I Could Ask For to Expand My CPD | Festival of Work

As the month of May drew to an end, I was consciously reflecting on what I had learnt during the month in order to update my Continuous Professional Development Plan and Record (CPD). During the lockdown I have endeavoured to be more disciplined and proactive in my reflective learning.

Kevin Haslam Shares His Final Thoughts and Highlights From CIPD Festival of Work

This year’s virtual Festival of Work has been 3 days of insight, development and knowledge gained from expert commentators and keynote speakers.