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Acacia Discontinued Courses

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We go into detail about which courses we're discontinuing in 2021. 

Acacia Learning has helped thousands of students elevate their knowledge and skills and take their careers to the next level. As we are passionate about learning and professional development, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality rated training courses for individuals and teams alike. 

This year, however, we’ve been making changes to the number of courses we offer, discontinuing some while offering great alternative online providers for others.

See below for more information on which courses have been discontinued in 2021.

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Finance Courses

  • Budget Management - Discontinued 
  • Introduction to Budgets – Discontinued
  • Financial Commercial Acumen – Discontinued
  • Finance for Non-Specialists – Discontinued

Leadership and Management Courses (ILM)

  • Moving from Manager to Leader - Discontinued 

Alternative Recommendation: ICS Learn 

  • ILM: Live Online – Discontinued

Alternative Recommendation: ICS Learn 

  • ILM Level 3: Leadership & Management Training – Discontinued

Alternative Recommendation: ICS Learn 

  • ILM Level 5: Leadership & Management – Discontinued 

Alternative Recommendation: ICS Learn

Microsoft Courses

  • Microsoft Word Training - Discontinued 

Alternative Recommendation: Oaktree 

  • Microsoft Excel Training - Discontinued 

Alternative Recommendation: Oaktree

Ways of Working Courses 

  • Emotional Intelligence for Personal Effectiveness – Discontinued
  • How to Build a Portfolio Career – Discontinued
  • Organisational Conflict – Discontinued
  • Client Services – Discontinued
  • Teamwork Brining Out the Best in a Team – Discontinued
  •  HR Working Digitally – Discontinued
  •  HR Guide to Hackathons – Discontinued
  •  Persuasive Negotiation Skills – Discontinued

Health & Safety Courses

  • Practical Fire Extinguishers Training – Discontinued 

Alternative Recommendation: Oaktree

Here are the courses we currently offer, including CIPD HR and L&D qualifications.

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