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Changes to Apprenticeship Levy in April 2019

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Government funding changes

April 2019: Employer contributions halved.

If you’re a non-levy payer, the government is now able to cover 95% of the apprentice training costs. This means you only have to cover 5% of the training costs for apprentices who have started from April 2019. This scheme is called ‘co-investment’.

If your apprentice was enrolled before April you will continue to fund 10% of the costs.

If you’re a levy payer and you’ve run out of funds this also applies to you! If you wish you take on any new apprenticeships you will have to cover 5% of the costs.


Did you know that employers (levy and non-levy payers) could receive a £1000 incentive from the government who hiring an apprentice aged 16-18?
An organisation that has less than 50 employees will receive 100% funding from the levy as long as apprentices are aged 16-18.

Levy Transfer

April 2019: Transfer up to 25% of unspent levy.

If a levy payer has any unspent funding they can transfer it to another organisation (charities, SMEs…etc.). This provides another option for non-levy payers instead of co-investment. This means that 100% of the apprenticeship training costs can be funded by the levy.

Acacia Apprenticeships

Our apprenticeship advisers will provide the support needed to make sure you fully understand the apprenticeship levy. We will work with you to tailor a programme that ensures that funds are being used to meet your business needs.

  • If you’re a business, we provide flexible apprenticeship programmes fully funded through the levy.
  • If you’re an apprenticeship training provider, we can enhance your apprenticeship offering with our CIPD approved qualifications.

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