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Let’s look at some of the reasons you might decide to study Live Online with Acacia.

Well, like many of the Acacia trainers, I teach conventional classroom based modules but I also teach online and I love doing both. What I can say is that in terms of teaching and learning, methods and activities, there really is very little difference between what we do in the classroom and what we do in the Live Online delivery model.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you might want to consider… the first thing is with the Live Online model it’s value for money. We can save on rooming and material costs and we can pass this on to you – so it is a way to save on your study costs.

Secondly what students tell us is that it is so convenient with no travel to and from venues (which saves you time and money). Simply login and start learning. And this can be wherever you choose to be. You could be in Cardiff, Islington or Ethiopia.

And thirdly, and this is a point which is quite often overlooked, it’s good for you to use these technologies and Live Online will build your own technology skills and competencies so that you yourself can better deliver Learning and Development. Many of our students, as I say here, go on to use these Live Online tools in their own workplace and it will build your skill set.

It goes without saying that as an HR professional you will need to be comfortable with the technologies we use here. And technology is impacting every area of HR – increasingly. You can get ahead and build your own competence and confidence in this area through the choice of the Live Online study method.

Well let’s take a look  at some of the reasons why we decided to call our model Live Online study. The most obvious reason is because it is LIVE so many online learning models offer only passive learning – by which I mean you watch something, listen to something or read something and then you are asked to complete a task. You submit the task and away it goes somewhere. Well, that’s not the Acacia way.

Our Live Online is interactive and collaborative. It’s us, your usual Acacia tutors, live – and we deliver content just as we do in the classroom. We ask and answer questions, your questions, just as we do in the classroom and we set group tasks and monitor them and help you with those tasks just as we doing the classroom.

Our tutors know how to deliver both online and face-to-face and they bring the best of classroom practice to the online method. We do it every day. And if you fast-forward 5 years and imagine how technology will impact Learning and Development, this is a world of opportunities for you as professionals to become familiar with, and competent in, this area of online study.

So just to reiterate with the Acacia Live Online delivery model it will be the tutors that deliver day after day both in the classroom and online. You won’t be taught by a cartoon character or an Avatar popping up. It will be one of our professional HR Consultants.