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Studying HR and Learning & Development qualifications with Acacia is invaluable for building an instant professional network. This applies to new students and graduates across all levels and qualifications too. When you join one of our Whatsapp student community groups you can benefit from:

• Access to a supportive network of fellow HR and L&D students from different sectors and industries.• Share study tips, resources, ideas, templates, job opportunities, supplier recommendations, events, trends, and lots more!
• Ask for industry advice and gain further on-the-job learning from fellow professionals.
• Connect instantly with a friendly group of like-minded people managers and make lifelong connections!

We’ve set up student community groups for you to join. Simply head over to the student hub and click on the most relevant WhatsApp group link and start networking!

“I’ve made contacts and networks across the different courses I’ve done. They have been great allies when I’ve had challenges at work and I’ve been quickly able to say, have you guys heard of this or what did you do in this situation?” Elizabeth Bucknall >

“Fellow students came from a diverse range of industries so it was interesting hearing differing viewpoints on best practices deployed by different organisations. It was also great to meet new people on the course and build a HR network.” Scott Gavin >

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