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The new face of HR

Find out more about the current trends and changes that have shaped the exciting world of HR, a people first industry.

The Benefits of CIPD Membership for HR Professionals

The CIPD is the leading professional body in HR and People Development. In this blog, we speak more about the benefits of having a CIPD membership as an HR professional and how it could enhance your career.

7 HR Resources for the Cost of Living Crisis

With the UK experiencing a painful cost of living, HR departments are being called upon to help employees cope. Here are 7 HR resources to use.

5 Tips for Supporting your Mental Health into the New Year

In the midst of the holiday festivities and what's soon to be a brand new year, we speak more about our mental health and how we can look after it into 2023.

HR Roundup: A Year in Review

2022 has been anything but boring when it comes to events affecting HR. Here are some of the most significant HR events and themes that have defined 2022.

How Much Do CIPD Qualifications Cost?

How much do CIPD qualifications cost to study? We explore the prices of the main CIPD qualifications that you can study with us here.

5 Ways a CIPD Qualification Can Elevate Your Career

Qualifications are becoming more and more popular amongst working professionals. We present 5 ways a CIPD qualification can help elevate your HR or L&D career.

How Long Does CIPD Take? Online & Classroom

How long does an online CIPD qualification take compared to a classroom-based CIPD qualification? We compared the two approaches. What did we find? Read on.

Get funded to study HR in Saudi Arabia!

Professional qualifications can be one of the most effective ways to prove to an employer that you have the skills they’re looking for. That said, they can also represent a significant cost investment that requires financial sacrifices to pursue.

If you’re a Saudi national however, you could now qualify for funding from the KSA Government to study a CIPD Level 3 or CIPD Level 5 professional qualification in Human Resources or L&D.

Here’s how.

Build your HR Career in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a popular place to live and work, with people coming from across the world to build a career in the kingdom.

Figures from 2018 show that there are 12.6 million expats, which makes up about 37.7% of the total population of the country! That’s an impressive number of people who are attempting to carve out an exciting career in a rapidly developing country.