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Chris Fear

Senior Content Marketing Executive

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About Chris Fear

A hard-working, fast-typing, pen-slinging digital copywriter with over a decade's comprehensive experience of creating human, SEO-focused content to sell your message.


Gen Z in the Workplace: A Guide

What does the upcoming influx of Gen Z professionals into full-time work mean for the workplace - and how can HR get their organisations ready? We explore.

Mental Health in the Modern Workplace

Mental health at work was once shrouded in silence. It's now treated with respect. We explore mental wellbeing at work and why you should be aware of it, in this blog.

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With climate change increasingly affecting society, companies urgently need to reduce their carbon footprint to remain resilient. Here are some practical steps.

How to Make the Most of Your HR and L&D Budgets

Save money on your HR and L&D departmental budgets with these handy tips.

HR Roundup: A Year in Review

2023 has been anything but boring when it comes to events affecting HR. Here are some of the most significant HR events and themes that have defined 2023.

Olivia Charles Career Development Success | CIPD Level 7 Review

CIPD Level 7 review from Acacia Student Olivia Charles, Senior Learning and Development Advisor at Northamptonshire County Council.