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CIPD Competency Based Assessment Route

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Already an experienced HR/L&D Professional? Want a CIPD qualification but not the workshops? Want to study flexibly? At your own pace? From home?

Our CIPD Competence Based Assessment Route might be the study solution you are looking for!

The Competence Based Assessment Route is ideal for already experienced HR/L&D professionals who would like to gain a CIPD qualification but cannot, or do not, wish to commit to a rigid schedule of workshop attendance. Study from your own home! At a time and pace that suits YOU! With personalised 1-1 expert Tutor support.

“The competency route made it easy for me to identify my skills weakness and areas for improvement and I feel that much of this shortfall has now been addressed by my research and up to date reading material.” - Sara Thomas, Chartered MCIPD, UK Space Agency.

When you undertake the Competency Based Assessment Route, you will be drawing from your existing experience and knowledge of people related projects to demonstrate how awesome you are in the workplace! Examples include: Implementation of HR strategy, change initiatives, working with stakeholders, front line managers, mergers and acquisitions, talent acquisition, talent management, employee development, employee relations, reward and recognition, engagement, performance, wellbeing initiatives! And the list goes on…..

You will also have the chance to receive tailored guidance to explore the exciting developments and research in the world of HR/L&D and how this can inform what you do in your own organisation! Improving Work and the Working lives of your people.


What will I need to do? and when can it be done? I hear you ask!

  • As soon as you’re enrolled, we get started! You will attend a remote support meeting with your Competence Assessment Tutor to discuss and plan for the overall requirements of your programme and how ongoing support will be tailored to your individual circumstances and preferences. As you progress through the programme, you will agree manageable target dates with your Tutor, discuss expectations in relation to continuous contact, feedback and support. You will also receive structured guidance and materials for successful study, self-directed research activities and how to complete the written and e-portfolio submissions for your final assessments.
  • You can start the Competence Based Assessment route IMMEDIATELY, there is no need to wait for scheduled workshops, timetables to be released etc. We simply need a copy of your lastest CV and your Job description/profile to assess and discuss eligibility, level of programme and suitable modules that will support your career ambitions.


In a nutshell…

Competence Based Assessment really is a No-Brainer for Experienced Professionals who can demonstrate how Awesome they are and who are looking for a flexible, tailored option for study.



Sara Thomas, Chartered MCIPD explains why the CIPD Competency Route is a great way to get qualified.

Olivia Charles, Senior Learning and Development Advisor at Northamptonshire County Council studied for her CIPD Level 7 via the competency route with Anne.


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