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Considering a Career Change? What are the Perks of Working in HR? | Podcast

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Acacia Learning Podcasts: Listen to industry experts discuss topical HR and L&D issues, advice and trends.

Many people are finding themselves on the job market and considering their options of switching career or upskilling themselves.

In this podcast episode we were joined by a panel of experts Natalie Armitage, Julie Cook, Acacia Director and Marco Van Dyk, CIPD tutor who discuss the perks of a HR career, CIPD qualifications and transferable skills for anyone considering a change of career.

Our panel discusses the following on this podcast:

  • Why HR could be a good career and how it is a diverse and broad discipline that straddles so many industry sectors.
  • Why the CIPD is such a marketable degree and how it rapidly enhances your career prospects.
  • HR career paths and the scope for lateral movements and progression.
  • Transferable skills and behaviors in relation to the CIPD Profession map for example, people with business acumen or those in operational customer service roles.
  • The difference between HR and other career paths for example, there are not many roles where being compassionate and having empathy and a desire to help people to develop, grow and thrive are such big skills.
  • Merits of networking and how people can tangibly secure job opportunities and share advice through building their professional network.

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