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Middle East Student Feedback on CIPD Associate & Foundation Qualifications

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We are very proud to be the first CIPD Approved centre to deliver the new CIPD qualifications across the Middle East region since March 2021. Our student cohorts are the first HR people professionals in the Middle East to experience the new Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice and Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management. Plus, our first Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management cohort is also planned for Autumn/Winter 2021.

The new qualifications are based on the CIPD profession map and focus on the knowledge and behaviours required to create value and make an impact in the changing world of work. The CIPD qualifications set the international standard for People Professionals and we are very excited to be delivering these courses to a broad audience of professionals globally.

CIPD Associate Level 5 Diploma Student Feedback

We asked some of our CIPD Level 5 Diploma students for their views and what they thought about being the first globally to take the new course.

Souad Suliman – Effat University comments:

“I have always been interested in furthering my knowledge within the people management and HR functions. Therefore, the CIPD Level 5 Diploma was my first choice, especially with the newly developed program. We cover trending topics like the organization ecosystem, including leadership, culture, and people management, among other issues. These topics ranged from examining the impact of unpredictable crises like covid-19 to developing future-fit skills for the workforce. On top of that, the discussion raised during the teaching sessions helped me broaden my perspective and generate valuable learning experience for all participants. I feel lucky to be one of the first ones to be enrolled in this program.”

Salaman Alshalhoob – King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre comments:

“Working as an HR professional is an opportunity to influence various aspects in an organization. I work at an organization with 15,000 employees from more than 70 nationalities with different backgrounds, specialties, and perspectives. It is challenging to drive change and make policies that will have an impact on employees’ lives. On the other hand, it is rewarding to play a key role in the development of the organization and its employees. I enjoy being an HR professional as we consider the human factor as the main resource of the organization, and as they say, ‘A business is only as good as its employees’.

However, as an HR professional working in the Rewards and Compensation department in a diverse organization, topics such as fairness, and equity in compensation and benefits are constantly raised. Hence, CIPD level 5 diploma is an opportunity to review such issues and more from deferent perspectives with the assistance of HR experts. I am looking forward to learning from different experiences and practices to enhance my knowledge and to develop my workplace.”

AbdulAziz ALRufayyiq – Naqel Express comments:

“I would like to acknowledge that I’m glad to have this opportunity to study this new diploma with Acacia Learning. I am continually striving for more professionalism in my career, and I believe the diploma will fulfil my expectation in people engagement and how technology will affect businesses and people.

Being forced to work remotely during covid – 19 it has become clear how technology is important for the success of business. The new CIPD diploma covers this subject, especially AI & automation which will provide me with greater insights about new advanced technology in organizations. That also will support us to keep pace with modern technology.

The diploma will also support us to be more adaptable by focussing on its’ 7 modules and strategies that will help us to achieve a lot of success either for organizations or ourselves. For example, diversity acceptance and people engagement will bring healthy work environments. The people engagement module also includes a lot of tactics and strategy to achieve high rate of engagement by training programs, succession plan, and achieved tasks recognition.”

Mohammed Almashabi – HRSD Tawteen Program comments:

“With the new qualification that has new approaches and methodologies, my career will be excelled, and I will gain a greater level of understanding about the type of organisation I work at and the appropriate people practice methods I need for different variable structures.

It will also help me understand the people practice skills and business needs better to develop to build a thriving workforce for both now and the future. The knowledge I gain will help me to deliver developments to my workplace and will give me the encouragement to adopt a strategic change plan.”

Fahad Algarni – LSC Logistics and Warehousing Co. comments:

“My goal of the diploma is to study and understand how to establish best practices and activities for development and innovation. Also, to help train and develop heads and managers at all levels of the company because this is the key to training the rest of the workers and employees.

I wish to learn more about organisational change and develop a plan to monitor the performance of employees. As well as social communication and training of employees to raise their ability to keep pace with development. To measure the company’s performance, and its ability to keep pace with change, and celebrate every success in this way. So, within the next 10 years I will meet the vision 2030.”

Borouj Ismail – Xceed Ventures comments:

“Taking the CIPD course level 5 was a challenge to me, as I always care to develop myself in technological and digital transformation. The objective of taking my CIPD certificate with Acacia was to learn more about ​​how digital transformation is permeated both in industry and in education, how the integration of cutting-edge technologies changes the way of thinking, seeing, and doing things; how technologies like AI and AR become disruptive elements to change the way we work, learn and do something.

The COVID-19 pandemic made companies and manufacturing industries, goods and services assess production – incorporating safety measurements and efficiency mechanisms in their processes, and use services ranging from online video conferencing to the unfortunate total closure of manufacturing operations.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) such as remote working solutions and video telephony applications have never been more critical than today. Still, alternative and advanced technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (IA) are now attending this emergency in different ways and seeing expanded opportunities.”


CIPD Foundation Level 3 Certificate Student Feedback

We also asked our CIPD Foundation Level 3 Certificate students for their feedback on the new qualifications.


Eman Alazzouni – job seeker comments:

“The CIPD qualifications are one of the most popular globally recognized certificates in Human Resources. In Saudi Arabia, in recent years Human Resources has become a popular choice of career, which has led to an increase in job applications in this field. This makes the CIPD qualification unique for both employees and job seekers. Working in HR requires continuous development and specialized certificates for self-development and proof of efficiency, especially in this increasingly competitive environment.

Finally, it is my chance to keep up with 2030 Saudi vision, I would like to be one of the pioneers in the field of human resources in Saudi Arabia by enhancing the services provided by them and improving the overall outlook towards them”.

Abdulraouf Alzuhayri – STC Senior Organisation Development Analyst comments:

“As a new joiner to the people profession, I believe that the new certificate in People Practice is a great approach to get the foundation knowledge in human resources and L&D. As it generally covers both, the certificate could assist you in selecting the appropriate next level CIPD qualification.”

Obaid Almaymouni – SABIC comments:

“I think the new CIPD qualifications are a unique concept when it comes to people who are working in a company where responsibility and procedures are frequently changing. Sustainability is one of the areas which will help me in my job since I am the focal point of business continuity and sustainability. Working on plan-B practices while a system is suspended or leading the building if any hazard happened is a very critical path. Whereas purpose and responsible business provide you with the right steps and methods to enhance your lifecycle in work. It also gives you the opportunity to add value to your team and company.”

Hamad Al Ruwaita – General Authority for Statistics comments:

“I feel very excited about the new qualifications. In fact, I have good expectations for the new CIPD foundation certificate and being one of the first students to study this new qualification.”

Abdulaziz Hammad – WALAA Insurance Company comments:

“I would like to clarify about the new CIPD certificate, due to internal changes I’m adapting people functions for the context they are working in. And I am taking the lead on strategic change and developments.”