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New CIPD Qualifications 2021

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We are very excited to have been one of the first centers to be approved by the CIPD to start registering students from 11th January 2021.

New CIPD qualifications are being introduced in 2021. Based on the CIPD profession map launched a couple of years ago, the qualifications focus on the knowledge and behaviours required to create value and make an impact in the changing world of work. The new qualifications set the international standard for People Professionals.

Why have the CIPD changed their qualifications?

Launched at the CIPD conference in November 2018, the updated Profession Map was designed to provide clear guidance to support the people profession of the future. It avoids telling you what to do but shows you how being principles led, evidence based, and outcomes driven leads to better decisions.

The revamped CIPD Qualifications 2021 are now fully aligned with the Profession Map. Whilst a lot of theory remains the same, the new qualifications have a simplified structure and there is now an increased focus on promoting diversity, supporting wellbeing and international working.

What is new?

  • There are still three levels to choose from but only one size of qualification at each level.
  • There is one CIPD qualification at Level 3 providing a comprehensive overview of the People Profession, combining HR and Learning & Development.
  • At Levels 5 and 7 you can choose between People Management or Learning & Development.


Dr Kay Maddox-Daines our Head of Academic Qualifications introduces the new CIPD qualifications. Watch this video >

CIPD Level 3 Certificate in People Practice

  • CIPD Foundation Level
  • 4 Units
  • 6-8 months study
  • Equivalent to A-level
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Level 5 Diploma in People Management / Organisational L&D

  • CIPD Associate Level
  • 7 units: 3 Core + 3 Specialist + 1 Optional
  • 8-10 months study
  • Equivalent to undergraduate degree level
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Level 7 Diploma Strategic People Management / Strategic L&D

  • CIPD Chartered Level
  • 8 units: 4 Core + 3 Specialist + 1 Optional
  • 20-24 months study
  • Equivalent to master’s level
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The course duration is based on combining our flexible study schedule alongside working full-time. Depending on how and where you choose to study your qualification, you will be able to control the pace at which you complete your CIPD programme with us.

What does this mean for me?

Any CIPD qualification you achieve with us will strengthen your skills and capabilities as a people professional.

If you are currently studying a CIPD qualification, you will still hold one of the most highly regarded and valued qualifications in your profession. The new qualifications will not affect the outcome of your current studies.

If you are thinking about studying a CIPD qualification read this blog and speak to one of our course advisors who can help you to decide which qualifications to undertake.

The first students will start their qualifications in March 2021 however contact Acacia now to find out more about our transition program, designed to give you a head start!

Read this blog: CIPD Levels 3, 5 and 7 Explained for further detailed information on the qualifications.

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