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The Benefits of CIPD Membership for HR Professionals

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The CIPD is the largest Human Resources professional body with more than 160,000 members worldwide. Headquartered in Wimbledon, London and with offices in Dubai and Singapore, the CIPD has been committed to championing better work and working lives for more than 100 years. 

Although worldwide, HR professionals living and working in America additionally use the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) which has a stronger presence across the USA. Both bodies offer qualifications and membership benefits. They are also both expanding and growing their reputations internationally.

CIPD qualifications are highly regarded by employers and internationally recognised which is ideal if you ever find yourself considering an international role. The CIPD also have a reciprocal recognition agreement with Australia so the qualifications are recognised there as well. 

CIPD Membership Benefits

Memberships of the CIPD give you access to some fantastic resources including the knowledge hub, community forums and local events. Depending on your membership level you may also be able to use the designation CIPD after your name. Key benefits of membership for our students and alumni include:

People Management

Members will receive print and digital versions of the CIPD award-winning People Management magazine as well as daily insight email newsletters. Both of these are excellent sources of information and also include case studies for students at all levels.

Case studies are specifically valuable in supporting students when engaging with the theory and relating to practice based examples. For example, you could be required to include an example of talent management or age discrimination policy in your next module assignment.

Knowledge Hub

This is a great resource for students and professionals because it provides access to EBSCO with over 200 HR/L&D journals as well as research, policies, factsheets, podcasts and blogs.

Wellbeing & Employment Law

As a member you will have free access to an employment law, wellbeing and legal advice service helplines for support and guidance to help you in your role both at work and at home. 

Networking & CPD

We actively encourage all students to join their local CIPD branch network which will give you instant access to local events and opportunities to support your CPD and future career. Acacia supports the CIPD London branch AGM and we regularly host our graduation ceremony at this event too.

CIPD Membership Levels

Below you'll find information on the 6 different memberships that are available for both HR professionals and for those who don't actually work in the People Profession but would like access to the resources and insights.

Student member

You must be a member of the CIPD to start studying one of the qualifications and their resources will make your research much easier. You cannot put CIPD after your name with this level of membership. 

Foundation membership

To achieve this you must hold a CIPD Level 3 qualification. This can be any version of the qualification. If you continue your membership once you have completed your studies you can use ‘Foundation CIPD’ after your name.

Associate and Chartered membership

You can move to these membership levels either by completing a CIPD Level 5 or Level 7 qualification respectively or through an experience assessment. At Chartered level, you also need to have recently worked in a strategic role within the People Profession. The added benefit (other than it’s uber status) with a Chartered membership is that you will gain access to senior networks not available at other levels. 

CIPD Chartered Fellow

To use the designation ‘Chartered FCIPD’ after your name you need to demonstrate your consistent impact on the People Profession at a senior level. Once approved you will be able to vote on the direction of the CIPD, shape policy and contribute to future research. 

Academic membership

This is for those teaching or researching within HR or learning and development. There are different levels within an academic membership and you do not need to have worked in the field. 

Affiliate membership

This is for individuals who do not work within the People Profession but wish to have access to the resources and networks enabled by being a member of the CIPD. With this type of membership you cannot use the designation CIPD after your name. 

How much does CIPD membership cost?

This varies each year and for each type of membership but typically starts from £150, going up to £400 GPB for the year. Student membership is generally the cheapest and it goes up from there. Additionally, you will also have to pay a joining fee, which is the same for re-joiners.

The CIPD year starts in July and the cost is halved in January. This means if you join in November you will have to pay the full cost but your membership will only last until the end of June. You can find out more information specifically about becoming a student CIPD member here.


If you are ready to kick start your career in HR and then in turn become a CIPD Member, find out more about our CIPD courses and enrol today.