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The New HR Profession Map – How Does It Impact You?

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Discover what the CIPD HR Profession Map has to offer below. 

Did you know that the CIPD HR Profession Map has been updated?

Launched at the CIPD conference in November 2018, the new profession map has been designed to provide clearer guidance to support the people profession of the future. The new map supports HR professionals in redrawing boundaries, redefining business impact and thriving through change.

A reminder of the 2013 HR profession map …

The original map was designed in 2013 providing the building blocks for managing across the ten professional areas and the eight professional behaviors in HR.  It described the process for career development through bands one to four, focusing on activities such as supporting colleagues with administration and processes and effectively managing information to advising and/or managing individual teams at level two and leading a professional area as a consultant or partner at level three to developing strategy and managing across the organisation at level four.

Why the need for a new map?

The amendments to the HR profession map underpin its growing international presence.    The new map is designed to transcend boundaries and to work across different business contexts.  It emphasises the impact that we as HR professionals make rather than accentuating the activities that we undertake.  It focuses on value creation so that HR professionals are better placed to prove our worth and it is designed to evolve to ensure it remains relevant in a globalised world.

The 2018 HR profession map

The new map helps HR professionals to make better decisions using a values based approach rather than following generic best practice in decision making. The overall focus is on purpose, supporting HR’s confidence to champion better work and working lives through driving change and performing at our peak.  The new map won’t tell you what to do but it will show you how being principles led, evidence based and outcomes driven leads to better decisions.  Principles led means seeing beyond rules to do what’s right in work matters, people matters and professionalism matters. Evidence based means adding weight to professional judgement with strong evidence from diverse sources. Outcomes driven means championing better work and working lives by making a positive difference on a personal, professional and social level.

If you would like to find out more about how the map will impact on you as a CIPD student or a HR professional why not listen to our recent webinar “The New CIPD HR Professional Map: How does it impact you?” here.

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