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Time to Revisit Your Talent Management Strategy?

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If you've been considering reformatting your talent management strategy, there's no better time than right now. Below we ask the questions you need to consider as you do so. 

Technological advancement is growing at a pace with robotics and AI significantly impacting on the type and number of jobs required.  Jobs that are made up of routine tasks are more likely to be automated. Whereas occupations requiring interpersonal and cognitive skills are expected to see growth. Certainly, the future workforce will need to be able to:

  • think analytically,
  • be innovative,
  • able to solve complex problems,
  • hold high levels of emotional intelligence,
  • and engage in critical thinking, analysis and technology design.

What does this mean for organisations? Finding, sourcing and attracting talent will continue to be key but critically businesses need to think about how their strategic plans are cascaded into policy. When was the last time you reviewed your resourcing policy and your competency-based framework? Is it still fit for purpose and emulating the skills and knowledge that your business needs next year, the year after? Does your performance management system measure and reward the skills and knowledge that you have identified as priorities for sustainable growth?

Ensuring that policies and procedures are horizontally integrated so that they are aligned rather than contradictory will maximize staff engagement.  Preparation is crucial and might involve undertaking a skills audit and ensuring that empathetic leadership is in place to support technological progression. Encouraging staff to be adaptable, collaborative and entrepreneurial will be key elements of any learning and development programme that is aiming to build a sustainable workforce. 

What does your future workforce look like? What are your key organisational challenges?

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