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Learning & Development Blog Posts

The Learning Team of the Future – Essential Skills and Responsibilities

This year the virtual CIPD annual Festival of Work Conference and exhibition has sparked more insight, development and knowledge from expert commentators and keynote speakers.

COVID-19 Impact Survey: Future of Learning & Development

During August 2020, Acacia Learning reached out to HR (61%) and L&D (39%) professionals to gain insights on how Learning and Development requirements may change and evolve as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Organisational Design in the New Normal

Below our panel discusses Organisational Design and Development in a post-pandemic world. 

Leadership Council Podcast

In June 2020, Julie Cook appeared on a Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland podcast, discussing the importance of leadership and the impact it has had on her career to date.

Lockdown’s Affect on the Gig Economy

Below we discuss how the pandemic has impacted the gig economy. 

What Happens When You Train Your Employees? | Infographic

Check out our infographic on the incredible things that happen when you take the time to train your employees. 

How to Become a Productive Student

Becoming a productive student isn't as difficult as some people may think. Below we outline a few simple ways you can make the most out of your time and your studies. 

Be Kinder to Yourself: Mental Health While Studying

Here we review Student Support's top tips for maintaining good mental health whilst studying. 

What's Your Learning Style?

Discover more about your learning style and how you can study smarter by doing so. 

What’s Your Study Style? | Revision Tips

What's your study style? Why is it important?