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How to Become a Productive Student

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Becoming a productive student isn't as difficult as some people may think. Below we outline a few simple ways you can make the most out of your time and your studies. 

Set realistic expectations. It’s always best to write down your goals rather than having them float around your head. Never lose sight of what you’re hoping to get out of studying. Achieving a qualification is a marathon rather than a sprint. Remember it’s about learning as much as passing assignments/exams.

Learn to manage your time

Get organised and prioritise tasks. Create a schedule and stick to it. One method is to create 3 columns prioritising your tasks into A, B and C. Don’t start each column until you’ve finished the one prior to it.

It’s easy to think that working all hours is best, however it will just make you tired and less productive student in the long run.

Where you study is important

Create a calm quiet area of study that is free of distraction. Turn off the television and leave your phone in the other room or turn it off. Only use websites that relate to your study. Where possible natural light will be beneficial.

Ask for help and advice

Ask tutors for help and guidance. They’re the experts and will want you to succeed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in class. Friends and colleagues can be useful in looking over completed work. It’s always beneficial to get a second opinion.

You can also learn from fellow students. Discuss and Listen to their experiences in the workplace. You can think about how this relates to your own situation.

Stay healthy

Ensure you factor proper breaks into study time. Take time out to eat and rest your eyes. Drink plenty of water rather than reaching for the short term caffeine fix. Work/life balance is important and so is getting a good sleep. Give yourself a little reward after a good study session.

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