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Jan was new to her Learning and Development (L&D) role so with the support of her employer she was encouraged to study for a CIPD qualification. She had plenty of work experience but not necessarily the knowledge to back it up. Jan’s employer, law firm Taylor Vinters were very supportive and gave her the time and financial support to study.

Jan was a little daunted when starting her qualification as it had been a long time since she’d been in education. However she was soon put at ease by the camaraderie amongst her fellow learners. The tutors facilitated a great forum for discussion in a relaxed learning environment. She was looking to broaden her education and promote that knowledge to add value within her own organisation.

She has stayed in touch with some of her fellow learners and tutor Margaret Heath who communicate regularly and meet occasionally to share knowledge and ideas, and feels that this support network has been invaluable.

“It really helps meeting up with others from a variety of different organisations with similar challenges”.

Jan believes that unlike problems which when shared become halved, sharing knowledge increases our learning significantly. This was immensely useful when preparing for assignments but it’s a skill that she has been able to take back to the workplace and is encouraging others to explore.

At Taylor Vinters her colleagues have really seen the benefit of the course. She’s been working with a coach and mentor recommended by her manager which is facilitating the implementation of the theory learnt on the Diploma within her own workplace.

Jan was a 2016 nominee for the Acacia Learning student of the year award and would recommend Acacia to others and is looking to study level 7 at some stage in the future. Currently her priority is to apply the learning to her organisation.