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Professional Development Blogs

COVID-19: Time for a Career Change?

Discover why you should consider a career in Human Resources or Learning and Development. Plus read how 4 CIPD students made the move into HR and how studying for a CIPD qualification helped! 

How to Ace Your Video Interview During Lockdown

We cover just what you need to make your next video interview is your winning ticket to your next job role. 

4 Quick Ways to Improve Your Linkedin Profile

LinkedIn is a great platform for creating and marketing your personal brand and for connecting with professionals in all sectors from around the world.

Mindful Leadership | The Who, the What and the Why?

Below discuss mindful leadership and why it's something to focus on in the workplace moving forward. 

International Organisations and The Problem With “Business Culture”

“If anyone, no matter who, were given the opportunity of choosing from amongst all the nations in the world the set of beliefs which he thought best, he would inevitably—after careful considerations of their relative merits—choose that of his own country. Everyone without exception believes his own native customs, and the religion he was brought up in, to be the best.”
– Herodotus, The Histories –

Working With a Career Coach

Acacia tutor and academic head, Dr. Kay Maddox-Daines discusses her coaching style for supporting mid-career decisions. 

The Secret to Great Opportunities: Building Your Network

Find out more about why HR and L&D are important for us to build great networks.