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PRINCE2® certifications are highly desirable amongst project management professionals, offering them the opportunity to enhance their resumes and elevate their career through the effective application of the PRINCE2 methodology.

However, with many professionals wanting to study industry certifications, while simultaneously maintaining a full-time job, it is only natural for them to wonder just how long PRINCE2® certifications take to complete.

Below is a comprehensive guide looking into the completion period of each of the PRINCE2® certifications offered by us at Acacia Learning.

What are PRINCE2® certifications?

PRINCE2® is the most widely recognised and respected method of project management, utilised in companies across the world. For anyone looking to embark on, or simply elevate their already established project management career, the PRINCE2® certifications are undoubtedly the way to go. Being a prerequisite for most project management roles, the PRINCE2 certifications are ideal for appealing to potential employers, as many are seeking to hire PRINCE2 Certified practitioners.

Developed by 150 leading companies and bodies from around the world, PRINCE2® refers to a process-based method for the effective and successful application of project management of PRojects In Controlled Environments. The ultimate aim of these certifications is to provide project management professionals with the necessary key knowledge and skills to undertake real life projects, utilising the PRINCE2® methodology with confidence, in order to mitigate perceived problems and manage any possible risks that may arise

Why study a PRINCE2 qualification? 

Acquiring a PRINCE2® certification allows project management professionals to gain practical knowledge and skills that are imperative to succeeding in their professional roles, while also enhancing their CV.

Double accredited by PeopleCert, a global leader in the assessment and certification of professional skills, and AXELOS, a joint venture aiming towards the development, management and operation of qualifications in best practice, a PRINCE2® qualification is undoubtedly a powerful tool to wield in your professional career.

How long does a PRINCE2® Foundation certification take?

A PRINCE2® Foundation certificate typically takes students around 12 hours to complete. Generally, by spending 2 hours studying everyday, this certificate can be completed in just one week.

Additionally, examinations for this certificate are proctored, consisting of a 60 minute examination made up of 60 questions and has a 55% pass mark (33/60).

How long does a PRINCE2® Practitioner certification take?

The PRINCE2® Practitioner qualification takes longer to complete than the Foundation Certificate, with a total of 32 learning hours. Students can complete the Practitioner course in just over 2 weeks if they spend 2 hours per day studying.

This certification consists of a 150 minute open-book examination with 68 questions and a 55% pass mark (38/68).

How long does a PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Combined certification take?

PRINCE2® students also have the option to study a PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Combined certification, designed to introduce learners to the PRINCE2® methodology and process through the Foundation level, before naturally advancing them to the Practitioner level. This combined qualification is perfect for those wanting to become a PRINCE2® Registered Practitioner without any prerequisites. 

As mentioned, the Foundation component of the Combined Certificate typically takes 12 hours to complete, with a 60 minute proctored examination consisting of 60 questions and a pass mark of 55% (33/60).

The Practitioner component of this certification usually takes students 32 hours to complete, along with a 150 minute open-book examination that consists of 68 questions and has a pass mark of 55% (38/68).

What might affect your completion time?

The durations for the completion of the PRINCE2® certifications presented in this guide are an estimate, based on the average competition time required by students through self-led online learning.

However, the completion time of such qualification studies depends on many factors, one of which may be the type of qualification the student decides to undertake, the learning provider you enrol with or the learning method you choose.  

The completion time for studying PRINCE2® certification with Acacia Learning is entirely up to each individual student, enabling you  to work at your own pace and around your professional and personal commitments. It is vital for students to know that there is nothing holding them back from completing their studies at an earlier time than the suggested periods mentioned above, if they wish to do so. 

In the instance that any unforeseen circumstances arise, students are also entitled to pause their studies and resume them whenever they feel ready and comfortable to do so. The extended supported period, offered for all courses by Acacia Learning, enables students to complete their studies at their own pace, flexibly, in order to ensure that their study experience is as stress-free as possible.

Also, before deciding which learning provider to enrol with, students are warned to be mindful that other PRINCE2® providers may offer courses that follow a structured timetable with set class times and teaching. Therefore, it is imperative that before committing to enrolling with a learning provider, students should ensure that the learning approach offered by their chosen provider is appropriate for them, their learning capabilities and their lifestyle.


Looking to start or advance your project management career? Learn the flexible way and enrol on a PRINCE2® qualification with us today to get started.