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Dizzie Hill Wins Student of the Year 2019

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Read and watch below to learn more about our Student of the Year 2019 winner, Dizzie Hill.

Dizzie Hill studied her CIPD Intermediate Level 5 Diploma in HR Management with us and won our Student of the Year 2019 award! We spoke to Dizzie about her CIPD learning journey and here she explains the challenges of emigrating from the USA as well as how she got into HR.

Here are just some of the nominations we received for Dizzie:

“She is very hardworking and motivated. She always speaks so passionately about her course and what she is learning about.”

“Dizzie is a kind and caring HR Professional, you can approach her about and she will always endeavour to support you. She is also a natural tutor, anything and under her direction, can lead you into new educational opportunities that support your career.”

“Dizzie has a thirst for learning. Relocating from the USA has not swayed her from her desire to learn and I think she deserves to be congratulated on her commitment. She is focussed and provides an excellent role model in work and family life to all.”

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