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Sarah Bartlett | CIPD Level 5 review

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Sarah Barlett studied a CIPD Level 5 qualification with us – here's how she got on.

Sarah Bartlett reviews her time at Acacia. This is what she says:


"I’ve had a couple of Acacia tutors so far. Tristan uses games which is great for participation and he’s great for support with the learning outcomes. My other tutor Michelle has a world of knowledge and she gives you so much to research and learn more.

"It’s benefited my current role because I’ve been able to provide much more accurate knowledge to my line managers and I’ve had a lot more input at work. The employee engagement module has allowed me to look at the current culture and environment at work and put a plan in place to improve the work life of our employees.

"I would absolutely recommend Acacia just for their sheer support, the content, the tutors, the locations  – they make it so easy to learn."

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