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CIPD Competency Route

Our CIPD Competency Route programme

Here at Acacia we have developed a unique delivery and assessment model for students who already work in human resources or learning and development roles.

Our CIPD Competency Route programme supports students in developing the underpinning knowledge required as an effective practitioner but also acknowledges the experience and competence they already possess. With 1-2-1 support you will move through the qualification by completing assignments, building an e-portfolio of workplace evidence and submitting a record of professional discussion.

The CIPD Competency Route works for busy professionals looking to build on their experience whilst minimising the number of workshops to be attended.

CIPD Competency Route

  • Supported and assessed by senior lecturer Anne Williams, MA (strategic HRM), CIPD Chartered Fellow
  • 4 hours remote 1-2-1 tutor support per module
  • Feedback on drafts
  • Online resources 24 hours a day
  • Flexible start dates

If you are lacking experience in a specific area, you can opt for a ‘mix and match’ (some modules in workshops and some via the competency route) approach, allowing you to attend workshop sessions to build up those theoretical gaps whilst completing the other modules via the competency-based route.

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CIPD Level 3 Foundation

Certificate in People Practice

Experience of ‘at least’ 2 years is essential. All units are available via competence assessment if the learner is eligible to do so; it is usual at Foundation Level for learners to complete via a mixed combination of both taught workshops and competence assessment.

CIPD Level 5 Associate

Diploma in People Management

All units are available via competence assessment if the learner is eligible to do so.

CIPD Level 7 Advanced

Diploma in Strategic People Management

7SBL and all optional modules are available via competence assessment if you are eligible to do so.

Due to assessment criteria three of the core modules on the Level 7 Diploma (7LMP, 7HRC, 7IBI) cannot be completed via competence assessment.

Case Study: Sara

Sara Thomas, Chartered MCIPD explains why the CIPD Competency Route is a great way to get qualified.

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Get Expert Advice

Already an experienced professional? Want a CIPD qualification but not the workshops? Want to study flexibly, at your own pace and from home? CIPD tutor Anne Williams tells you everything you need to know.

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Case Study: Olivia

Olivia Charles explains why she choose to study CIPD Advanced Level 7 via Competency Route.

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Eligibility is determined following a review of your CV and job description which should give an indication of potential sources of supporting workplace evidence, required for this mode of study.

Learners have found this flexible approach highly beneficial where students:

  • Have extensive experience and taught workshops are less beneficial to their development
  • May not have the availability to attend scheduled workshops
  • Have had a last-minute emergency or sickness and have been unable to attend workshops
  • Are based outside of the UK and workshop attendance is not possible

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