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PRINCE2® Foundation Project Management

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Launch your project management career with the PRINCE2® Foundation course 

Used by public and private sector companies in over 111 countries, the PRINCE2® project management system forms an essential part of the way that modern companies complete projects. It's a scalable, flexible and comprehensive system that allows you to apply a common approach to projects of differing size and complexity. 

Holding the prestigious PRINCE2® Foundation qualification shows employers that you have the right level of skills and professional knowledge to apply the PRINCE2® framework to project management from day one in the job. 

A qualification that teaches you the basics of the PRINCE2® framework and starts from the very basics, the PRINCE2® Foundation is perfect if you're new to the world of project management and you're starting from a position of no professional knowledge or experience. 

After completing this qualification, you'll be able to study the PRINCE2® Professional qualification and work towards certified status. 

What does the PRINCE2® Foundation offer?

The PRINCE2® Foundation is perfect if you want to gain an understanding of the essential themes, concepts and principles behind the PRINCE2® system, and it's ideal if you're starting out in a project management or related role. 

This qualification will give you the fundamental skills and knowledge to start or enhance your career. 

PRINCE2® Foundation Course Details

The PRINCE2® Foundation is an essential place to start your project management career. It has no entry requirements and will help you understand the essential elements that make up the PRINCE2® project management framework. 

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Interested in finding out more? We just need a few details...

We will contact you to discuss your course query as well as keep you informed about any future promotions. You can opt-out at any time.

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Foundation Online Learning

Online Learning

You can complete your PRINCE2® course entirely online.

Online learning gives you the flexibility to fit your study around your existing commitments, like family, work or busy social lives. 

Foundation Assesment And Support

Assessment & Support

You will receive tutor support throughout the entirety of your online course. 

You will be assessed via a secure online proctored exam that will last a maximum of 60 minutes. 

You will answer 60 questions and need a mark of 55% to pass your qualification. 

PRINCE2® Foundation Modules

Our highly flexible approach to course module delivery means you can study how and where you want.

Continued business justifications

  • Every project should make good business sense, with a clear r1eturn on investment and a justified use of time and resources.
  • The business case should be continually updated to ensure that it’s still viable.

Learn from experience

  • Everyone involved in a project should take lessons from previous projects into account.
  • You should keep a lessons log for this purpose.

Defined roles and responsibilities

  • Everyone involved in project should know what they and others are doing, including who the decision-makers are.
  • Roles should be separate from individuals, and individuals can take on more than one role.

Manage by stages

  • Projects should be planned and controlled on a stage-by-stage basis.
  • Moving on to the next stage should involve updating the business case, risks and plan, and making a detailed next-stage plan that incorporates any new evidence.

Manage by exception

  • Managers should only intervene when there’s a problem.
  • For each project objective, there should be defined limits that dictate when an issue should be escalated to a more senior management level.

Focus on products

  • Everyone involved should know what’s expected of the product.
  • All work should be based on the product requirements with a particular focus on quality requirements.

Tailor to suit the project environment

  • The PRINCE2 framework isn’t rigid. It should be scaled and adapted to suit your project’s environment, size, complexity, importance, schedule and risk.

Starting up a project

  • A project mandate is created that defines the purpose of the project, how it will be delivered, and who will be involved.
  • A project brief is created based on the mandate, past lesson logs, and discussions with people involved.
  • The project team is appointed, including an executive and project manager.

Initiating a project

  • The project manager outlines how the following performance targets will be managed: time, cost, quality, scope, benefits and risk.

Controlling a stage

  • Project managers break the project down into manageable activities known as work packages, which are then assigned to teams.
  • The team manager is responsible for coordinating the daily work and communicating with the team members and project manager.
  • The project manager oversees work package progress and intervenes when there are problems.

Managing product delivery

  • The communication between the project manager and team manager is controlled through formal requirements around accepting, executing and delivering work packages.

Managing a stage boundary

  • Project managers and the board review every stage. The board decides if the project should continue, and the project manager records lessons learned.
  • The project manager plans the next stage, updates the project plan and business case, and reports the stage end or produces an exception plan.

Directing a project

  • This is an ongoing process in which the project board manages initiation, stage boundaries, ad hoc direction and guidance, and project closure.

Closing a project

  • The formal decommissioning of a project, including handing over the product to the customer, preparing benefits and project evaluation reviews, freeing up leftover resources, and identifying follow-on actions.

Business case

  • What value will the project bring to the organisation?
  • Is the project desirable, viable and achievable?


  • How will the project team's individual roles and responsibilities be defined?
  • Does everyone understand their role and the roles of others?


  • What steps will we take to develop our plans and apply the PRINCE2 techniques?
  • How will we achieve our targets with regard to products, timescale, cost, quality and benefits?


  • How will we identify and address uncertainties in our plans and environment?
  • How will we control uncertainty and improve the ability of the project to succeed?


  • What are the project's quality requirements, and how will we deliver them?
  • How will we verify that the product is fit for purpose?


  • How will we assess and address change requests and unforeseen issues?
  • How will we identify and control changes to the project baselines?


  • How will we track and assess the performance of the project?
  • How will we decide how and if the project should continue?

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Career Options

The PRINCE2® Foundation is ideal if you are:

  • You are looking to start a career in project management and you do not have skills or experience
  • You are already in an entry level or junior project management role and want to enhance your skills
  • You want to learn about the PRINCE2® project management system

PRINCE2® Foundation, Practitioner or Combined qualifications are particularly in-demand from employers worldwide. As a result, studying for a PRINCE2® qualification can open up an abundance of opportunities for you. 

Jobs that would be suitable once you have completed your PRINCE2® Foundation include: Junior Project Manager, Project Administrator and Project Analyst.

Foundation Career Options Did You Know

Did You Know?

The skills you develop with the PRINCE2® 6th Edition Foundation course will open new exciting career options for you!

Junior Project Manager

AVERAGE PAY: £26,000
TOP PAY: £30,000

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