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Sucess Story: Hadaf Halata | CIPD Level 3

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Hadaf Muhanned Halata, a Human Resources Coordinator at TAQA in Iraq, was looking to elevate her her HR career and chose a course with Acacia Learning.

She shares her educational journey and the impact Acacia Learning has had on her career development.

My name is Hadaf Muhanned Halata, born in Baghdad in 1985. I graduated from Al-Mustansiriya University - Baghdad in 2007 with a BSc in Information and Library Science. As a Human Resources Coordinator at TAQA in Iraq, I have always been committed to improving myself and staying up to date with HR procedures. 

Initially, I chose to study the CIPD Level 3 qualification to further enhance my skills and knowledge in HR, I enrolled in courses with Acacia Learning - Saudi. The courses I took were 3CO01, 3CO02, 3CO03, and 3CO04 at the Certificate level, which focused on people practice (Business Culture and Change Context, Principles of Analytics, Core Behaviors for People Professionals and Essentials of People Practice). The courses were conducted online, and I was able to attend classes on Fridays and Saturdays for five hours each day. The course duration was four weeks, and I had to submit assignments within that period. 

Moreover, throughout my studies, I really enjoyed the courses and the support from the tutors which I found were exceptional. The content was informative and engaging, and the tutors were always available to address any questions or concerns I had.

The qualification I received from Acacia Learning not only helped me apply my knowledge in a more academic manner but also enabled me to pursue CIPD. 

Having worked in HR since 2012, I already had practical experience in the field.

However, Acacia Learning helped me take my knowledge to the next level and broaden my understanding of HR practices.

Looking ahead, I plan to continue my education and enrol in more courses with Acacia Learning to further expand my HR knowledge and skills. 

I highly recommend Acacia Learning to anyone seeking to improve themselves in the field of HR. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow in your career.

Acacia Learning provides valuable support and resources that can help individuals enhance their HR capabilities and achieve their professional goals.


Develop your own HR career, similarly to Hadaf's by enrolling on a CIPD Human Resources course with Acacia Learning today.