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Sa 2X2 Courses Cmi Level 5

The CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership is a more comprehensive version of the Level 5 Certificate, allowing you to build on your current management and leadership skills and prepare you for the challenges of middle management positions. 

After achieving the CMI Level 5 Diploma and gaining 3+ years of management experience, you will also be eligible to attain Chartered Manager status.

Sa 2X2 Courses Cmi Level 7

A comprehensive professional qualification, the CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership Practice is for senior managers and directors who want to refine their knowledge and build specialist knowledge at the highest level. 

The diploma will help you to master the complex management expertise and leadership skills that you will need to get the best out of your team, as well as refine your ability to think, plan and act strategically. 

Why study a CMI qualification?

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Learning Options

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Live Online Classrooms

Our Live Online CMI classrooms offer all of the benefits of face-to-face person classroom workshops, with the added flexibility of online study and the convenience of attending immersive and highly interactive live sessions online.

With live online classrooms, you will benefit from the same expert tutor support and peer-to-peer interaction you would have in a structured classroom setting, making it simple to progress your career in a way that suits your lifestyle. 

How It Works 

1. Log in to attend your scheduled Live Online session 
2. Learn from industry experts in real-time 
3. Work in online teams under tutor supervision to collaborate on tasks, case studies and exercises 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking to progress your management and leadership career, a qualification from the Chartered Managers Institute can help to develop the practical skills and expertise that you'll need to excel in fulfilling roles with leading employers. 

One of the UK's most respected professional membership bodies for the leadership and management fields, the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is considered a world-leading authority when it comes to management best practice, with over 100,000 members globally. Founded over 60 years ago, it is also one of the only organisations to hold a Royal Charter, allowing it to award Chartered Manager status: a prestigious industry title.

Studying a CMI qualification can equip you with the essential skills, knowledge and professional clout that you'll need to progress your management and leadership career across a wide range of industries. 

We pride ourselves on being premium learning providers.

Since we were founded in 2007, we have helped thousands of professionals refine their knowledge, build their skills and take their careers to the next level. Our experience when it comes to offering professional qualifications is second to none. 

Studying a CMI qualification with us will help you expand your professional skills, improve your knowledge and build the specialist leadership expertise you will need for a long and successful mid to senior management career. 

At Acacia Learning we provide CMI qualifications at Level 5 and Level 7.

CMI Level 5 qualifications are ideal for professionals who are in the early or intermediate stages of a mid-level management career and who are looking to develop the expertise and skills that they will need to progress their careers to more senior positions. 

The CMI Level 5 Diploma is a comprehensive qualification that explores nine modules in detail. The course is designed to help you develop and enhance the specialist, yet broad, range of management skills and techniques you will need in senior leadership positions. It is also a pathway to Chartered Manager status. 

The CMI Level 7 Diploma is one of the highest level qualifications that you'll be able to study with CMI when it comes to management and leadership. It is a detailed course that explores the strategic skills, expertise and techniques that you will need to lead businesses effectively and encourage your team to succeed.

Once you have completed this course, along with having gained the required experience, you will be eligible to apply for Chartered Manager status: a prestigious industry title. 

The exact qualification that you receive at the end of your CMI course will depend on the specific course that you study. Our course advisors will be able to offer you some guidance.

At Acacia, we offer CMI qualifications at Levels 5 and Level 7 Diplomas. 

Level 5 qualifications are designed for people in mid-management positions who are looking to advance their careers. Level 7 qualifications are designed for senior management and directors who are looking to enhance their skills and progress to Chartered Manager status. 

We offer a range of ways for you to pay for your qualification. 

If you're paying for your course yourself, you can apply for our flexible payment plans that allow you to spread the cost over a series of monthly instalments.

If your employer is funding all or part of your course, we can invoice them directly for your course fees – just let your course advisor know and we will arrange everything.

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