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7 Ways to Maximize Productivity During Ramadan

Optimize your productivity during Ramadan with our seven expert tips tailored for employees in the Middle East. Foster unity, enhance well-being, and maximize efficiency in this sacred month.

How To Study Effectively for CIPD Qualifications: Level 3, 5 & 7

This blog offers study tips for mastering CIPD exams, focusing on time management, creating conducive study environments, utilizing CIPD membership benefits, accessing additional resources, and seeking collaboration with peers.

The 7 Best HR Books & Podcasts in the Middle East

Staying updated on HR trends is crucial for HR professionals to implement innovative strategies for talent acquisition, retention, and development, as well as overcome emerging challenges. Investing time in top HR books, like "How to Hack Your Mind" and "The Culture Map," and podcasts, such as "HR Talks" and "Business Extra," provides valuable insights and knowledge for career advancement in the rapidly evolving HR industry.

The 5 Most Common Leadership Styles in the Middle East

Discover the diverse landscape of leadership styles prevalent in the dynamic environment of the Middle East. From authoritative structures to Westernized approaches, explore how adapting leadership techniques can optimize team performance and cultivate a supportive workplace culture.

Middle East HR Networking Events You Should Attend This Year

The most efficient way to stay updated and connected to the industry, HR professionals need to perfect their networking game. In 2024, there are several conferences and summits you should attend and here’s what you should look out for.

Which CMI Course Should I Take to Upskill?

Explore CMI qualifications from entry-level to C-suite leadership, tailored to refine managerial skills and navigate career progression effectively in today's dynamic workplace. Elevate your career with specialized training and industry-recognized certifications designed to meet evolving employer expectations and personal aspirations.

Evolving Workplace Trends in the Middle East 2024

The Middle East workplace is undergoing rapid changes, embracing trends like remote work flexibility, prioritizing employee wellbeing, upskilling, and sustainable practices. These shifts are shaping a dynamic and successful business environment across the GCC countries.

Healthy Habits of High-Performance Organizations

High-performance companies like Tesla and Amazon prioritize inspiring visions, clear communication, and genuine care for employees, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty among both employees and customers. By recognizing accomplishments and staying attuned to customer needs, these organizations maintain a competitive edge in today's dynamic market.

The 5 Conversations That Increase Workplace Performance

Explore essential discussions for workplace success, from clarifying purpose to fostering innovation. Elevate your team's performance with practical strategies and industry insights. Transform conversations, enhance productivity, and succeed in today's business environment.

6 HR Mistakes to Avoid This Year

Discover the key HR pitfalls to sidestep in 2024, from fostering diversity to embracing modern recruitment. Learn how to avoid word-of-mouth marketing missteps, prioritize transparent communication, focus on succession planning, and champion continuous training.