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Zara Safdar

Content Marketing Executive

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About Zara Safdar

Skilled in social media, communications, content and digital, I have a passion for story-telling, people and the power of employer branding. 

When to Manage and When to Lead

Managing and leading are terms used often interchangeably, however, they host a number of differences. Find out more about when you should either manage in a workplace, or lead, in this blog.

5 Essential Skills for First Line Managers

Being a manager is not an easy job, however, it's an extremely rewarding one and crucial to every workplace. Find out the five skills we deem essential for all first-line managers.

Management vs Leadership: What is the Difference?

It's true that management and leadership tend to go hand in hand, however, they do vary considerably. In this blog, we explore the difference between both professions and how to improve and enhance your leadership and management skills.