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Fatma Bramly

Content Marketing Executive - Middle East

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About Fatma Bramly

Passionate about learning and driven by curiosity, I am a dynamic force entering the eLearning industry. Armed with a background in Marketing & Sports Management and a Master's in International Business, I bring a fresh perspective and a thirst for innovation. Join me on this exciting journey as we unlock the power of eLearning together.

Fatma Bramly

What is Risk Management in Project Management?

Effective project management involves proactive risk management strategies to anticipate, assess, adapt, and respond to potential obstacles, ultimately ensuring successful project delivery.

How to Become a Project Manager

Shape your resume for project management by emphasizing past experiences in planning, organizing, leading, and documenting projects. Consider obtaining a professional certification to enhance skills, knowledge, and earning potential in the evolving field of project management.

Project Management: What It Is & Where It's Going

Exploring the project life cycle's five phases, anticipated trends for 2024 (AI, Agile, soft skills), and challenges like cybersecurity and talent shortages.