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CIPD Student Stories: Fearn Kelly | CIPD Level 3

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Fearn enrolled on an HR CIPD Level 3 course to assist her company with the addition of an HR department and take her own career in a new direction. 

I enrolled for the CIPD Level 3 Foundation in People Practice as the company I worked for unfortunately did not have an internal HR department and as the company grew this proved to be a necessary addition. I currently work as an accounts assistant, but regularly undertake HR duties within my company, so it felt natural to enrol in this course and take my career in a different direction where I felt I had more purpose and could contribute more towards the business.

This course was completed from the comfort of my home whilst still attending zoom classes that were interactive and full of the knowledge that I needed to complete the assignments.

The flexibility of the course appealed to me, and my friends had highly recommended Acacia Learning to myself.

This proved to be a great choice as the tutors were so supportive especially when I unfortunately had to have surgery and needed a time out from the classes.

They were completely understanding and got me back on track when I felt like I was falling behind.

The tutors were quick with their responses and always kept me up to date with their own holidays and who to contact in their absence. The other students also provide a great community where I felt like I could contact them for advice or ask any questions about the classes.

I never felt abandoned. You never feel alone even though you never leave the comfort of your own home.

The feedback for my assignments were always insightful and constructive and pointed me in the right direction without spoon feeding it to me.

I always felt the support was strong, but I still felt like I did the work and achieved the results through my hard work.

I’ve learnt so much from this process and have much more in depth understanding of the people practice environment and can’t wait to apply it in practice. I’m looking forward to progressing further with my qualifications with Acacia Learning and going onto my level 5.

Acacia Learning were so supportive in my journey working towards a qualification in people practice.

I look forward to applying my newfound skills within my role and having an influence on bettering the work environment for my colleagues.

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