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Claire Chaundy | CIPD Level 7 | Student of the Year

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Claire Chandy talks about her experience studying a CIPD level 7 diploma at Acacia.  She also talks about the Mark Robertson Awards where she won the 2016 award for Student of the Year.

How did Claire Study?

Claire chose to study the CIPD Level 7 Human Resources Diploma with Acacia Learning. She said this was due to the flexibility and excellent teaching reputation. Mixing the taught classes with the competency route allowed her to experience the best of both worlds. Getting to network with her peers in the taught classes whilst having her work with her law firm assessed by an industry practitioner for the competency route.

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Claire had appreciated how well rounded the qualification. She particularly enjoyed working with Anne Williams on the competency modules. “She was really supportive and bought out the best in me. Providing really useful feedback. Anne had both the practitioner and theory background ideal for teaching”.  Anne’s commercial focus really impressed Claire.

Writing her dissertation on Talent Management was especially useful in the role she was in at the time as they had workplace cultural conflict in this area. She was able to apply her learning for the diploma directly to her workplace.

Mark Robertson Awards Night

She said about winning the Mark Robertson student of the year award:

“I was thrilled to win the award. I have no undergraduate degree, I am a mature student with a young family and work full time, so I hope it gives inspiration to those in a similar situation who may be considering studying at this level.

The combination of taught modules and competency assessment was very rewarding as both my day to day work and academic study were tested.

Even completing the qualification was a huge confidence boost so to receive the award was the cherry on the cake. Thank you again to Acacia’s fantastic tutors and to the hugely talented students I studied with and learnt from”.

Claire is still in touch with three of her classmates and is going on to study a masters.

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