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Daisy Collins Shares Her CIPD Level 5 HR Diploma Learning Journey With Us

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“After looking at the website and reading course reviews, I thought Acacia was the best fit for me. I liked that there were different study options, and locations were easy to get to from my office.

I would most definitely recommend Acacia Learning. All staff and tutors I dealt with were friendly, helpful and went above and beyond to make my learning experience as interesting as possible.”

Why did you choose to study your current qualification?

“I had been in an admin / HR role for nearly a year, and I felt it was the right time for me to start my HR qualification. I chose to study part time over two block weekends for my CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Human Resources Management with Acacia.”

What did you enjoy most about the course?

“I enjoyed how engaged and genuinely interested all my tutors were. They were all very prepared for all lessons, and it was so motivating that all my tutors loved the world of HR. I also enjoyed having a group of like-minded people to speak to every week about HR.”

How has the course benefited your career?

“It has enabled me to become more confident in the HR element of my role. I also feel it has allowed the senior leadership team to trust me even further, and my ideas and thoughts are becoming more integrated in the business.”

How have you applied your learning to your job role?

“I believe I have been able to apply all modules to the role, in particular the Employment Law and Coaching and Mentoring. I have run a number of training sessions for the senior leadership team, and I believe it has enabled me to be taken more seriously in the workplace.”

Did you have a favourite module?

“Employment Law was by far my favourite module. Tristan made what could have been a very dry and dull module engaging, fun and interactive. It is the module that has been most engrained in my head, and one that is the most relevant in my working life.”

How did you find your tutor and support throughout the course?

“Very helpful; they were there at the end of the class to chat further and replied to emails very quickly. My tutors were Michelle, Marco, Samuel and Tristan.

I found the locations and learning environment perfect. I usually attended the Liverpool Street classes, which were a five-minute walk from my work, so perfectly located.

However, I believe the course materials could have been improved on the Acacia site; it was very slow, clunky and hard to locate documents. Tutors were a lot better prepared than the Acacia website itself.”

We are pleased to say that since Daisy graduated in 2018, our student hub has been reviewed and updated with fully approved content and format.

Do you have any plans for future study?

“I would like to complete my Masters in HR but will not think about starting this for a couple of years.”


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