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Success Story: Bettina Tudor | CIPD Level 3

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“I would strongly recommend Acacia as for me it has been an amazing experience studying with them. The tutors, the materials, the Acacia support team are developed at the highest standards and provide a seamless blended learning experience.”

Bettina Tudor, Assoc CIPD currently works at Twenty Grosvenor Square, Four Seasons Residences as a concierge supervisor. She shares her CIPD level 3 online study journey and passion for working within the people profession and hospitality sector.

What do you like most about HR?

What I like most about HR, this being the reason why I wanted to start, is the fact that it is about people. It is a dynamic industry, in the sense that there are constant changes, and you need to be up to date with all the employment law updates and new advancements, but I truly enjoy the human connection that exists and the fact that your work can make a huge difference in somebody’s life.

Why did you choose to study your current qualification?

I have always been keen on working in the human resources industry, but before COVID-19 struck, as many other people, I have just gone on with my current position and I was always finding excuses or delaying the moment of starting to gain a qualification. Last summer, as I was not employed, I chose to gain this qualification to improve my chances to start a career in the HR field. CIPD is a great qualification and besides gaining a diploma, you become part of a great community where you can connect with fellow industry colleagues.

What did you enjoy most about the course and studying?

I have enjoyed most the connection I made with my tutors and fellow colleagues. Even though the classes were online, we had many group activities and I have become friends with several people with whom I am still in touch today. I have also enjoyed the high level of support from my tutors and the fact that it was a very open environment in which any question I had was valid.

Have you had to overcome any work/life challenges while studying?

I started this qualification when I was unemployed, and I was going to several interviews in a week which was quite stressful. In a way, I believe the course helped me shape my employability skills as I have seen a great improvement in my interview performance. As a result, within two months of starting the qualification, I landed not one, but three jobs in a week which has been fantastic. I still look back at that period of my life and even if it was a very difficult one, I am very grateful for the way I have developed.

How did you find your tutors and our support team throughout your course?

The entire team at Acacia has been fantastic from the beginning to the end. When I have expressed my interest in the course, a member of the team called me and went over all the steps needed for the enrolment as well as making sure this level is exactly what I need. I would like to thank the tutors as well as they have adapted their teaching methods so quickly and they managed to provide very informative and fun classes in the online.

How have you applied your learning at work?

I have been actively involved in recognising the opportunities and providing the training needed. At work, we also have a very international team, therefore I have tried to promote the diversity and make everyone feel they belong in the company by organising different activities such as engagement posts on our social platform about cultural traditions. But mostly, I believe I have applied my learning through constant communication with the team. Even though it doesn’t seem a big thing, I have learned how to actively listen to each individual need and try to guide them in finding the answer.

How has the course benefited your career/life?

The first benefit I have observed by doing the course is the improvement of my time management skills. And this is because I have studied and worked full-time, which needed a certain level of organisation. I have also gained confidence in training my colleagues, informally mentoring them and even though I do not work in HR, I believe the knowledge you gain in Foundation Level is crucial for any individual aspiring to a managerial position.