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6 Best Places to Work in HR in the World

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In a recent article with Sage, David D’Souza, Head of Engagement and Learning at CIPD says that if he could give one piece of advice to other HR experts working in the field, it would be to “serve by leading, and lead by serving”.

David says that HR professionals work in a unique way, in a profession that is still maturing and exploring creative ways to support individuals and all their differences.

With HR deemed as an extremely rewarding career choice for anyone passionate about people, the opportunities to work in this exciting field also span across the globe, with various countries at different stages of capability and function growth.

In this blog, we will explore six of the best places to work in HR in the world, providing insight into how different locations are surviving and thriving in the exciting field of human resources.

1. United Kingdom

Published in HR magazine, software company, CIphr, state that Aberdeen, Northampton and London are the top three places to work in HR in the UK. The result was pulled from a recent study that homed in on HR professionals who are currently job searching, are looking to switch careers, or are interested in relocating.

The results were calculated against four main criteria:

  • Average earnings for HR managers
  • The number and density of medium and large employers
  • Employment opportunities
  • Housing affordability

Aberdeen was awarded first due to the average salary of an HR manager being £58, 000+, balanced out by high business density and the number of employees in both medium and large businesses – making it a very popular choice of location for those working in HR!

2. Sweden

Blazing a trail, Sweden has been recognised for both its innovation and creative behaviours when it comes to human resources, as a workforce that is excited by digital transformation and technology.

With productivity initiatives such as the six-hour workday, digital innovations including HR chatbots and a working culture full of individuals who are excited by change, Sweden is committed to digitalising human resources and has been named one of the top 10 hotspots for human resource specialists.

If you are inspired by technology and how it can help to build better digital tools to aid communication, employee support and the development of people, Sweden is an exciting place for a Human Resources expert.

3. United States

Headquarters to some of the largest and most well-known companies in the world, the US is brimming with possibilities for HR professionals. With several companies across the continent with 100,000+ employees, HR departments are crucial to the success of the American economy.

After all, it is HR professionals that support, develop, and retain America’s working professionals.

Companies such as Google, SAS and Twitter have been ranked as some of the top companies to work for in terms of Human Resources, with SAS being marked as an industry leader again and again.

If you are driven by scale, and looking to live the American dream, for a HR professional, the opportunities are endless in the US.

4. Singapore

This year, Singapore launched their 5-year industry Transformation Plan with the hope to make significant improvement to both the HR sector and the individuals who are working in it.

The first improvement is focussed on building HR capabilities for both sector and enterprise transformation and in turn, uplift professionals with the relevant skills and mindset that they need to strive in this exciting sector.

Additionally, this month, Singapore identified the workplace trend - concern for the wellbeing of employees. It’s common knowledge now that to both keep and build a happy workforce, solid wellbeing initiatives and support must be in place for all employees.

These are the practises and policies that HR professionals are skilled in, and so they will play a vital role in the development of people in Singapore throughout the upcoming years.

Throughout 2024 and continuously, Singapore will work towards digitalising hr, building strategic capabilities, and implementing progress practises. So, if you are fuelled by improvement, then Singapore is a great place to work as a HR professional.

5. Switzerland

For the contract driven HR professionals, Switzerland offers great opportunities for those looking for 6–12-month contracts. Contracting has become increasingly popular in Switzerland due to a variety of critical HR projects arising such as HR analysis, and HR reporting.

Contracting is a different way for any HR professional to build on their experience at scale, as well as developing crucial skills such as adaptability and forward planning, two skills that are highly desirable to any HR employer.

So much so, Nicolai Mikkelsen of Michael Page quotes that there has never been a more exciting time to join the world of HR in Switzerland and over the last few years, it’s broadened in new and exciting ways.

With various levels of depth and evolution, from filing, payroll, and paperwork, to hiring exceptional talent, developing skills and co-managing digital transformation projects – Switzerland is developing, and quickly.

6. Australia

Back in 2013, CIPD signed a mutual recognition of membership agreement with the Australian HR Institute (AHRI), that allows CIPD members to easily transfer their membership to AHRI status and vice versa, making Australia an easily accessible place to work as a HR professional.

The demand for HR professionals in Australia has been apparent throughout 2023 so far, with a continuous shift from HR generalist, to HR specialist. With digital transformation and the development of technology moving at great speed, there’s now increased demand for those with skills such as data analytics, HR analysis and reporting – previously noted as skills critical of any modern HR professional.

Additionally, the rising costs of living and economic pressures are impacting working professionals, and businesses know that both attracting and retaining their current employees is crucial to the success and stability of their organisation.

This means that businesses can’t afford for their staff to leave, and staff can’t afford to leave businesses! HR professionals are therefore the lynchpins in this situation, with opportunities to create quality learning environments for existing staff, build strong relationships and ensure the doors of communication stay open between employer and employee.

Excitedly, the Australian HR market has also made it clear that HR professionals are and will continue to play a vital role in the development and growth of the sector, meaning there is possibility that those with the right skills, could have direct impact in the future Australian HR sector.

Taking into consideration the six locations we have highlighted, and the many we have not, it’s clear that HR as a function is critical to not only in the UK, but across the globe. From Sweden to Australia, HR skills and knowledge are not only transferrable but extremely in demand, making HR an exciting and lucrative field to work in.



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