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Elmira Bakhshalian | CIPD Level 3 Review

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What made you choose Acacia Learning?

I chose to study the Foundation (Level 3) Certificate in Human Resource Practice at Acacia Learning because of a number of reasons. First and foremost, Acacia’s flexible learning approach enabled me to study my course part time (one evening per week) whilst working full-time, giving me the best of both worlds. Secondly, I liked the blended learning format offered for all courses at Acacia Learning. Thirdly, the courses have different start dates during the year. Lastly, all courses are delivered by highly experienced practitioners who can make the modules interesting by using real-world examples.

What did you most enjoy about your course?

I liked the course’s practical exercises. The team discussions helped me to gain an insight into the different areas of HR where other students worked. I also liked the way the practical exercises encouraged participation and interaction. The learning objectives at the beginning of each class made each module easy to follow and all of them were covered in the course materials.

What could be done differently?

I enjoyed studying the Certificate in Human Resource Practice at Acacia Learning and found the modules interesting, therefore I cannot comment on how it can be improved.

Who was your favourite tutor?

All tutors who taught my modules were lovely. In particular, Paul O’Sullivan was a great tutor. He made the classes very interactive and I liked his style of teaching. I also enjoyed the modules I had with Janine Waldman. She started most of her sessions with fun group activities such as ‘speed dating’ to help us remember what was taught in the previous class.

Which was your favourite module?

I particularly enjoyed the Developing Yourself as an Effective HR Practitioner (4DEP) module because it increased my understanding of what makes an effective HR practitioner. Moreover, by creating a Continued Professional Development Plan, I became aware of my own professional development needs.

How did you apply the learning to your job?

I was able to apply the knowledge gained into practice. For example, the practical exercises offered at Acacia Learning taught me techniques for conducting a good competency based interview which I used as a guide when interviewing people for a job vacancy at my organisation.

Would you study the next CIPD level?

Yes, I would study the next level as I now have more experience in practice and a good foundation in most of the areas of Human Resources through the level 3 course.

Where do you see your career heading?

My ultimate aim is to upgrade my CIPD Associate Membership to a Chartered Member.

What do your employers think about the course?

My employer has been very supportive and has encouraged me to work towards the CIPD Chartered Membership. The benefits of the course i.e. applying the learned knowledge and skills to practice, have encouraged other team members to study the course at Acacia Learning.